Friday, 6 April 2012

Day Five.

A bit of time was spent letting the land go fallow and crop rotating, but it was high time to get a crack on. All the good work from the previous days was well settled now, and stage two was about to get underway. Operation Gemüse was in force. Tom and Barbara didn't become self sufficient growing tulips and lavender, and The Moston Capability Brown is no different. Time for the serious business. It does no good pissing around and waiting.

A trip to B&Q later, for bags of horse shit and some wood, and as if by magic a raised bed was in place and the fun started. Another arm wrecking day of labour in the field resulted in the following transformation:

As can be seen, progress had taken a back step, and the curse of the farmer (black plastic) had taken root on my land. To be honest it was more crisp wrappers and carrier bags that people seem comfortable with tossing aside with reckless abandon. At least it wasn't as bad as the bag of empty beer cans somebody had thrown in near the pavement complete with a pint pot! What goes through their minds the roustabouts?!?!

Back to the good news, and the results of a hard (half) day in the field:

A satisfying day was rewarded by extreme muscle acheage for the next two days along with severely scratched hands. Not great when I had an interview for promotion the next day. The mild mannered ladies conducting the process must have wondered about the groaning skinhead with cuts all over his knuckles. It didn't go well, suffice to say...

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